Ethics & Lou’s Ladle


In baking and business I’ve embraced the challenge to be as ethical and sustainable as possible. Here’s the facts about my cakes and bakes:

  • Almost 100% UK made, recycled, biodegradable & recyclable packaging (even the cello wraps compost as food waste)
  • Moving towards a plant based business and much in my range is now vegan. The only animal ingredient I use are local properly free range eggs from a small & happy flock of rescued hens – mostly my own
  • Local & UK fruit/veg, oats, vegetable (rapeseed) oil, flour & sugar
  • Fairtrade, UTZ, or organic where possible esp with overseas products like cocoa & citrus
  • Only natural extract flavourings
  • No colouring
  • All waste composted, recycled or cleanly incinerated. No landfill
  • All taxes paid with good grace. No loopholes!

Lou’s Ladle

FSA rating - July 2015

Sendmecakes grew out of my original artisan baking business, Lou’s Ladle, which I founded in 2004. Lou’s Ladle is registered with Ashford Borough Council Environmental Health Department, and holds a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating. Sendmecakes is fully insured and is the online side of Lou’s Ladle.

It all began with me making and baking cakes, soup and smoothies to sell at farmer’s markets, but soon a local coffee shop manager who wanted a new range of cakes for customers approached me. The challenge had been set so next I determined the criteria necessary to fulfil the highest coffee shop requirements:

  • great taste & texture
  • longevity
  • easy to transport
  • many different varieties
  • affordability
Our ethics dictate that we use fairtrade cinnamon bark and nutmeg.

Finally, I added my own ethics and standards and after many trials, with much cake tested by family and friends (the strongest of critics!), my new range became a local success.

In 2013 I tried posting a letterbox cake to cheer up a friend, and it went down so well that Sendmecakes soon popped out of the oven! Since then I’ve been refining my range of postable artisan cakes and bakes. Customers & recipients say they are the perfect online gift for foodie friends and discerning cake-lovers.

I really hope you think the same. I’m constantly adding to the range so do keep checking back for new varieties.

Lou Milligan

p.s. Please email me at  with any queries.