Drizzle Cakes

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Includes Royal Mail first class delivery

Letterbox friendly

Whole cake scored into 12 slices



My dairy free drizzle cakes combine light, moist & flavourful sponge with a crunchy & sticky drizzle top. Bursting with flavour and letterbox friendly.


Choose from the following varieties

Lemon & Orange Drizzle for zest and juice in abundance

Chocolate Drizzle – all dark and rich

Summer Spice Drizzle with cinnamon & nutmeg

Ginger Drizzle for zingy depth

Coffee Banoffee Drizzle – NEW sweet & strong. Nom nom.


At Send Me Cakes it’s all about the cake: there’s nothing fake and no fondant or buttercream.

Hand made from British flour, sugar & oil, and always including free range local eggs.

No gluten? No problem: all our cakes are available in a gluten free option and are just as moist and tasty.


Rustic box and gift tag: ‘Enjoy Your Cakes’ with sender’s details on reverse, or include your own message in the Order Notes box at the checkout.


Whole cake approximately 26x16x2.5cm

Scored into 12 slices

£17 including postage.


Lemon & Orange Drizzle Cake Ingredients

Sugar, wheat flour, eggs, vegetable (rapeseed) oil, carrots, lemons, oranges, baking powder

Chocolate Drizzle Cake Ingredients

Sugar, wheat flour, carrots, eggs, vegetable (rapeseed) oil, cocoa, baking powder, vanilla extract

Summer Spice Drizzle Cake Ingredients

Sugar, wheat flour, carrots, eggs, vegetable (rapeseed) oil, baking powder, cinnamon & nutmeg

Ginger Drizzle Cake Ingredients

Sugar, wheat flour, carrots, eggs, vegetable (rapeseed) oil, baking powder, ginger

Coffee Banoffee Drizzle Cake Ingredients

Sugar, wheat flour, bananas, eggs, vegetable (rapeseed) oil, coffee, baking powder, vanilla extract


Regarding food allergies and intolerances

Every effort is made to avoid cross contamination of ingredients and products. However, this kitchen also produces a range of foods that include nuts and other potential allergens.

4 reviews for Drizzle Cakes

  1. Steve Beech

    Loved the lemon and lime drizzle. Plenty of flavour

  2. Claire in Wellingborough (verified owner)

    Dear Lou,
    Thank you so much for your prompt service, and your bakes look
    delicious. I am really pleased you use free range eggs and read your
    web page with interest, since we are small cereal farmers ourselves
    and keep British Hen Welfare Trust ex-colony cage hens as much-loved
    pets, so totally agree your animal welfare ethics and know it isn’t
    the cheapest option for your business, but just wanted to let you
    know that was why I chose your cakes!
    Kindest regards,

  3. Joanna Nathan (verified owner)


    Just wanted to say thanks for the cake. It went down really well. The
    recipient thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Thanks again.


  4. Sarah Rowland

    What can I say apart from amazing and a must order for any chocolate lover!
    My cake arrived very fast and comes with a 4 day life from date of dispatch but you can also slice and freeze so you don’t have to eat it all in one go!
    The cake it’s self arrived in perfect condition in a nice box wrapped with string have a vary homely feel to it which is nice, now down to the yummy stuff….the Chocolate drizzle cake not only looks good but tastes amazing, light and moist and is dairy free which is also a huge bonus.
    It tastes like no other chocolate cake iv had before and would definitely order again! My kids enjoyed it as well which is fab as looking at the list of ingredients it contains no fake foods just natural healthy ingredients.
    Really enjoyed my cake and can’t wait to order again.

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